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Automatic Pet Food Feeder | PF910/PF920/PF930

pet food feeder loyal treatment
Electric Pet Water Dispenser Feature: Stable and Multi-function, good quality, nice appearance, and performance. Regular feeding Recording, ensure timely food feeding and a precise amount of food per meal. setting 16 meals a day, set up once for recycling use, and it is more convenient to feed pets. Remote cell...
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Electric Pet Water Dispenser | DR008

cat water fountain
Electric Pet Water Dispenser Feature: Clean Water. The replaceable filter can effectively filtrate the hair, odor, and chlorine. Consequently, the fountain can give cleaner water to pets and reduce the risk of catching an illness. Charcoal filter helps remove which absorbs odors and bad taste. Design Pump. The unique designed blue pump...
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Professional Pet Hair Clippers & Trimmers|PHC920

Pet Hair Clipper PHC-920
Advantage of Pet Hair Clippers: The blade is detachable and with a narrow replacement blade. This can clipper both body high-efficiency and also trim the hair at the face, paw, ears, and butt. This professional wireless pet clipper set will provide you and your pets with an excellent cutting experience....
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Pet Nail Grinder |best buy for big size pets | PN10

pet nail grinder with strong motor
Pet Nail Grinder Feature: Strong motor, Power Greatly Improved, Long-Life. Low Vibration and Low Noise – Equipped with the super mute motor but powerful. Trimming the nail with low noise and low vibration gently. Sensitive pets will accept this nail grinder, making your nail trimming work easier. Make Nail Grinding...
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Pet Hair Clippers | High-quality | PHC-950

pet hair clipper
Advantage of Pet Hair Clippers: This professional wireless pet clipper set will provide you and your pets with excellent cutting experience. 5 levels of speed can be changed easily. With this small and delicate clipper body, your kids can join with you to dress up your pet. Low vibration and...
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5 top sale smart pet toys in 2019

pet smart toy
1. Pet smart toy ball After we going out, are you worry that your pet is bored at home? This smart toy ball can help to entertain your pets, and you don’t need to worry the pets are lonely. 2. Smart toys that respond to the dog’s emotions This Y-shaped...
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Dog shock collar – live experiment and comment!

dog shock collar
Is it terrible to hear the word, dog shock collar? In many countries, the low forbidden using the shock collar. But Many owners feel difficult and have no method to treat indocile dogs. And in some families and pet training center, they training the dogs by using electric dog shock...
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Pet remote smart device-inventory in 2019

automatic dog feeder
The lovely dogs and cats can companion us and will bring much happiness. Also, they will make some destroy when we are not at home. We will wonder what they are doing then. We will use some useful device training the pets, use some smart feeder device feed pets, also...
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Pet smart wear device – 2019 inventory

pet camera
After choosing a good dog and cats, pet owners want to track the life of their pets and monitor pet health condition and diet. With the development of smart wear technology, the pet owner is growing the awareness concerning health and safety of the pets, the pet smart wear device...
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